Hi, I'm a singer/songwriter from Sydney Australia that writes and plays Country, Americana, Rock, Blues and Folk music!

My musical influences were just about everything I could get my hands on throughout the 70's and 80's

My Harmonica playing has come about by listening to awesome players like John Popper, Sonny Terry, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sugar Blue, Chris Wilson, Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin and Jason Ricci.

I don’t sound like any of those artists I grew up listening to but I can say I’ve spent a lot of time with their songs so I guess little bits of some of them have rubbed off onto me naturally over the years.  I consider myself most fortunate that I’ve been able to get to this point in my life – independently releasing an album of original songs I feel are worthy of another person's listening time. Although I played the Acoustic Guitar, the Bass Guitar and Harmonica across all the songs, I certainly couldn't have done everything without the most amazing musicians around me. I am so honoured for the wonderful players on this Album ~ Lifelines ~ all of them gifted players:-

Tim Gaze (Electric Guitars), John Spence (Piano, Hammond organ), Shane Reilly (Pedal Steel), Fabian Hevia (Drums and Percussion), Mitchell Welbourn (Drums), Marcus Adamson (Electric Slide), Jenny Marie Lang (Lap steel), Tania Nichamin (Guest Vocal), Kathryn Krugell (Violin), Melanie Cuthbertson (Violin), Ellie Spicer (Cello).... THANKYOU

I must also thank Ryan Enright for helping/directing me with all the lead vocal and background vocal takes, and of course Greg Stace for his unwavering belief in the songs and his ability to mix the songs and create the sonic integrity I was after. Thanks also to Leon Zervos, Mastering genius at Studios 301 Sydney.

......more than that, it's their feel, their passion and love of music that they all have inside each of them and how they unselfishly poured all of the magic they possess into my songs that have helped me create something very special for me, I am so grateful!

This Album ~ Lifelines ~ has been pieced together with every spare dollar I could save alongside every bit of relentless tenacity I had inside me that has literally taken years of blood sweat and tears to complete... To all the striving Independent Musicians and Songwriters in the World going it alone struggling to be heard..."Don't Settle"!

To all you Muso's and Songwriters out there, half this Album was mixed through an SSL Mixing Console, the other half "In the Box", are you able to pick which songs came from the very expensive SSL? Does it matter? 

Everything in Life is only temporary!

The only thing about life that I’ve personally learnt that has any true value at all - is LOVE, HEALTH ...... and MUSIC :))

Peace and Love